Changing Spaces

creatively enhancing our high street


Changing Spaces1-2

Changing Spaces is an artist-run project that negotiates the use of empty commercial property as a resource for exhibitions and creative development.  To date  over 400 artists have exhibited in properties administered by Changing Spaces.  This includes shop window exhibitions and pop up galleries.

Changing Spaces was originally developed in conjunction with Cambridge City Council and Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University in 2009.   In February 2011 Changing Spaces was registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee, and  is currently administered by a team of volunteers, including its three directors.

The project may best be described as a nomadic, city-wide installation deployed across multiple locations on a pop-up basis.  Part of the nature of Changing Spaces is its ephemeral presence, embodied in the idea of the “pop-up”.  Over its four year history it has hosted a wide selection of events and exhibitions, featuring art from established practitioners, alongside student exhibitions and emerging artists.

Changing Spaces is committed to impact, innovation and accessibility.

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