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This is an archive of some of Changing Spaces’ Pop-up Gallery exhibitions from 2011 – 2012

POP_UP GALLERY | The Grafton Centre

Anita Goldstein


FRAME & SET Contemporary Fine Art Cinema



PROOF made possible by Changing Spaces


POP_UP GALLERY | 38 Regent Street

The things in-between made possible by Changing Spaces

Jonny Aldous
Jennifer Campbell
James Epps
Simon Newby
Fiona Shaw
Hania Stella-Sawicka
Alex Strachan

4th August – 5th August 2012 | 10-6pm

PRIVATE VIEW: 3rd August | 6-9pm

38 Regent Street


VISION Arts Collective in collaboration with Changing Spaces Contemporary

Karl Dmitri Bishop
Rosemary Cullum
Catherine Lalevee
Jacqueline Berg
Mark Bush
Jennifer Langridge
Sarah Pooley
Kian Ziari
Leanne  Dawson
Pete Jackson
Vincenzo Sgaramella

24th July -2nd August 2012 | 12-4pm

PRIVATE VIEW: 25th July 6-9pm

38 Regent Street


KITE, a Changing Spaces and Cambridge Film Trust collaboration

3rd Cambridge and Camberwell Contemporary Art Show featuring nine artists

Amelia Poon
Chloe Stein
Ferrucio Potenza
Marina Velez
Manolis Manarkis
Patrick Hurst
Rupert Martin
Russell Cuthbert
Trevor Porter

Mon – Fri: 11am – 7pm
Sat – Sun: 11am – 6pm

Private view:
Tuesday 7th February from 6pm

Archival film of The Kite and other areas of Cambridge will be shown throughout
the exhibitions opening times


23rd January – 2nd February 2012 – BRIEF PERMANENCE


Egidija Ciricaite Wade
George Cullen
Jukhee Kwon
Lisa Wilkens
Patsy Rathbone
Renee Fisher
Robert Good
Roland Brauchli

Mon – Fri
12.00 – 18.00

28th January
12.00 – 1.00pm Book(re)making workshop.
1.30 – 2.30pm Book(re)making workshop.

4.30-5.30pm Tea with the artists. Come in for a chat.
from 6.00pm Private View

29th January
2.00 – 3.00pm talk with Eleanor Brown from X marks the Bökship


Our first Pop-up gallery project Unit 30 took place during 8 weeks in summer 2010!

have a look at the video that was shot during the project in celebration of the 1st birthday of Changing Spaces.

Changing Spaces would love to do a temporary gallery project again, so if you are an ambitious artist or a charity or a landlord with empty space, let us know!

After a successful pilot project in October 2009 operating a temporary gallery in the Grafton Centre, Changing Spaces is pleased to announce that it will be repeating this project in the Grafton Centre’s Unit 30 (the old Adams clothes shop, next to BHS) from 8th May – 2nd July 2010 for 8 weeks.  The project is an opportunity for artists and creative organisations to take over the unit and use it as an arts focussed public retail space which will include:
exhibiting and selling artwork and design products (the unit is a retail unit and so items must be sold during its opening hours!)
running workshops
creating installations
holding evening views and events
using the space for rehearsals and studio activity.

If you are an artist or creative organisation that would like to exhibit and sell, or run activities in the space during this time please get hold of Lisa Wilkens, Project Coordinator by emailing to find out more.


23rd – 30th June – Russel Cuthbert – LOOKING FOR NATURE AT THE MALL

My work uses both materiality and image to convey meaning: in the present context this involves questions around animals, nature, and the environment. These  provide consistent themes and concerns throughout.
While ethical considerations underpin material choice, I seek to combine the flotsam of a throw-away society with the sentimentality of the animal image. ‘Out-of-vogue’ materials such as Formica become surfaces to paint on, or material to construct from, often providing a prefabricated thus somewhat ‘artificial naturalness’. From a purely environmental perspective, I hope that by recycling discarded objects this demonstrates that artistic material need not ‘cost the earth’.

As far back as the 1980’s critics such as John Berger have highlighted the role that 20th Century capitalism has played in distancing our understanding of animals by removing them from our daily lives. Certainly in Berger’s view this has created an absence resulting in the life of a ‘wild animal’ becoming an ideal; where to gaze at animal imagery (which has essentially replaced the animals themselves) is to enter a kind of ‘nostalgic daydream’ (Berger, 1980). It seems a recent postmodernist artistic tactic is to dispel any preconceived reverie created by animal imagery thus change the way we view and think about them.

It could be said that my work references an attempt at a seemingly idyllic portrayal of the natural world; where form is left instantly recognisable mainly out of respect for the represented animal. Yet any reverie that my images or sculptures may create, I have likewise intended to destroy through the tatty and difficult nature of the material, and the juxta-positioning of unlikely objects such as cans, cartons, and washing machines.

Certainly in the sense of the idyllic, my works could be described as ‘spectacular failures’, but I hope in doing so they highlight the complexities and stresses created between western culture and the rest of the natural world.

Russell Cuthbert

9th – 19th June – Cambridge School of Art PROJECT SPACE – an exhibition of work by 2nd year fine art students

23rd – 30th June – Russel Cuthber – LOOKING FOR NATURE AT THE MALL

22nd May – 10th June

blagart – an exhibition of artistic interpretation of everyday life in an innovative and exciting way.
Curated by Alexandra Evans.
Private View: Saturday, 22nd May, 5pm
Circus Performance and Workshop: Saturday 29th May, 3pm
Meet the artists: Sunday, 30th May, 3pm

8th – 20th May

VOIX – a show around minimalism and contemporary abstraction.
Curated by Katie Bannell.
Private View: Saturday, 8th May,  5pm
Q&A Session: Saturday, 15th May, 5pm

Please check this website frequently for updates and changes!

This is one of the groups involved in the temorary gallery project in unit 30, a poster in anticipation of the event.

voix poster

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