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Peter Hawksby – Changing Spaces 3







Kerstin Hacker – Maternity Ward

9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

19th October  – 1st November

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Alex Hirtzel – Curatrix* II


24th-26th September 2015

PV 24th September 6-9pm

Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge

Alex Hirtzel worked with archaeologists in Kurdish Turkey at Ziyaret Tepe, along the ancient River Tigris on an Assyrian site that is over 3000 years old.  The archaeologist looks at past lives, from facts to understandings.  The archaeologist is entrusted to care for each item.  Each particle is sorted, lifted, weighed, measured, laid out, drawn, marked, logged.  Items move from recovery to conservation, to being scrubbed clean.  Brush, cotton wool, pipette, gloves. Each is archived, recorded, photographed.  The archaeologist cares about each tiny part, as a mother would her own children.

Eventually objects are taken out, put on display, retelling their story in a cabinet of curiosities, or more domestically laid out: in a suitcase, on a trestle table, or in a chest of drawers – in a casket, their ultimate resting place.

As an artist, Alex draws fictions from these facts, makes up new stories, picks up references, and places them in a glass case and orders them into a new fictitious narrative. From the mythical age of 3000 years ago to her own myths today.



Performative Dinner

9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

July 24th, from 7pm



Philip Cornett, Paul Kindersley – LOTUSLAND

Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, July 6th – August 1st



1. Pick’n’Mix (Artists Collective), Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD


2. JOHN CLARK – The Sleep of Reason

Unit 7, Grafton Centre, June 19th – July 15th

Private View June 19th 6pm – 8pm





CRC Best in Show Summer 2015

9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

22nd  – 29th June, 12 – 4pm, PV 23rd June 6 – 9pm

A3 Poster Best in Show 2015


Peter Fasching: Federmann – or the hallucination of an entire age

Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD,

31st March – April 5th; opening times: 10 – 12, 2 – 8

Private view 30th March 6-9pm




10th – 15th March, Project Gallery, 9 Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD

10am – 5pm


See and hear your own brain in action for FREE at:
Changing Spaces’ Project Space
9 Norfolk Street
Cambridge CB1 2LD

From 10-15th March. Open daily 10am to 5pm. Sessions last 40-60 mins in total. Arrive 20 mins before your booked slot to fill in consent paperwork.

Enter our black box cinema, and be fitted with an EEG headset, then by following our simple mindfulness meditation instructions you can experiment with how much you can control your own mind and physiological state…
You will also see and hear what brainwaves look like when transformed into MindART. Create your own MindART to go in our MindGALLERYand let our on-site neuroscientists show you the inner workings of your mind…
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See you in the Future – Ben Martin and Toby Curtis

9 Norfolk Street

7th – 15th February 2015; Private View Saturday 7th 6pm – 9pm

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Other Manifestations,  Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th December, 12 – 4pmComposite_email



PALIMPSEST 2: THE KITE – Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

kite photokite photo

In the late 1970s and early 1980s the area known as ‘The Kite’ in Cambridge was the centre of a controversial redevelopment resulting in what what is today The Grafton Centre. More than 30 years on we have become habituated to the development, with many of those in the locality not remembering a time before it was there.

The unending cycle of revision and change of use in municipal development is also an erasure in which lives, properties, feelings and possessions all disappear into the chasm of history, with much loss to posterity, fading finally with the last memories of those who were there at the time. However, the old often persists stubbornly beneath the new, awaiting the archaeology of the distant future to reveal what existed previously, as well as the cataclysm precipitated by force of change.

This exhibition exposes the past living in the present, in a forensic journey involving cartography, archival photographic and film documentation, the memories of some of those present at the time of change, and artistic renderings using visual images that collapse time and merge the old with the new.

Curated by Changing Spaces director, Pete Jackson, this exhibition is presented in partnership with:

Curating Cambridge

The Cambridge Film Trust

The Grafton Centre

And will feature works by:

Ian Rawlinson

Richard Keys

Julian Quan

Pete Jackson

and others, and will incorporate prints, sculpture, photography, film and performance

The exhibition opens on Friday 7th November, and there will be plenary session on Saturday 22nd November featuring talks, performances, film and music.

PALIMPSEST  –   Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge CB1 2LD

21st October – 2nd November, Tuesdays – Sundays, 12 – 4.30pm

Anji Main and Belinda Brenner present this exhibition of work as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas and Curating Cambridge



PETER HAWKSBY – Changing Spaces 2

Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Weds 10th September – Sunday 21st


Private view: Friday 12th 5pm – 8pm



9 Norfolk Street, 1st – 31st August 2014

Kilo Sinstars, I Write My Own Story, 



Michael Azgour – Speeding By, July 2-13, Grafton Centre, Unit 22

Private View Wednesday 9th July, 6pm – 10pmhalf pg Cambs Edition final fina low resl

Michael Irwin and Man Ding Wan: Drawing the Line.

Project Space, 9 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, till 29th June






Mind Your Head: Unit 7, Grafton Centre, 6th June, 6pm


peep show

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Cambridge School of Art, MA and MFA Fine Art and Printmaking, 9 Norfolk Street, 1st – 10th May


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Caroline Wendling – A Sense of Place, 9 Norfolk Street, 23rd – 26th April.

Draft 6 FINAL 2 web


9 Norfolk Street, 27th March – 30th 2014



Peter Hawksby, Changing Spaces, February 2014

Peter Hawksby

show 1show 2show 3


Renée Spierdijk and Eric Marland

6th – 12th January, 10 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU

Eric Marland and Renee Spierdijk were delighted to be given the opportunity by Changing Spaces to show their work in one of the most beautiful streets in the city they have called home for the past twenty three years. Born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1957 they met in London when they were both twenty and attended art school.They are married and have been working alongside each other for the past thirty five years and have been influenced by each other’s ideas and ways of working. They would be very pleased to share their recent work with you during the week of the 6th to the 12th January when the exhibition will be open from 11am until 6pm daily.Renee’s recent work has been inspired by photographs of unknown children found in old photo albums, books and the internet. She then re-imagines them in a variety of mediums, originally in oil paintings and more recently in silkscreen prints some of which are then further embellished with calligraphy in ink creating unique new incarnations.As Sandy Goldbeck Wood wrote in her essay on Renee’s work, “But though wan, these girls are not dead. there remains a sense of their potential for breaking free and recovering from their half hidden psychic imprisonments. Some appear patient, others quietly mutinous as they wait and hope to become themselves.”Renee lives and works in Cambridge where she has been joint Head of Art at Kings’s College Choir school for the past 15 years. She studied Fine Art at the Byam Shaw School of Art and Goldsmiths College in London.Eric works as a lettering artist in a wide variety of materials and although he does many commissions for the University and Colleges as well as for domestic uses, the majority of his work is memorial in nature. Regardless of the type of commission, he always enjoys the element of problem solving and interaction with the client.It is perhaps because of this collaborative aspect of his commissioned work and the satisfaction derived when the interaction between letters and form is achieved, where ideally neither is dominant but one informs the other, that when given complete freedom in the making of a piece for exhibition, he often chooses an object from nature or pre-existing quotation to experiment with until a happy marriage is arranged.

Chloe Leaper: Glass Cube Project Part 2 – The Murmuring Room

9 Norfolk Street, 4th – 12th January 2014

Following my Slipping Space Spheres installation project at Changing Spaces Project Space this summer, I was invited back this winter to create a new work.

The Murmuring Room develops concepts and visual language systems that I explored in a previous installation The Murmuring Corner (see, which investigates systems and conditions of spatiality such as: separability, bridging, singularities and multiplicities, openings, shaping, murmuring events, repetition, herding, boundaries, and interiority and exteriority. This piece straddled the corner of a gallery creating a space that allowed your attention to rest within it, eliciting an experience of fluid connection or presentness within the viewer.

During my last installation at Changing Spaces Gallery I became aware that the surface and architectural peculiarities of the gallery space (a Victorian terrace, with a shop front window) echoed the visually noisy multiplicities of The Murmuring Corner. In this installation project I have been able to develop The Murmuring Corner as an immersive, ‘surround sound’ experience, whereby the viewer can encounter “the noise that sounds the restlessness and multiplicity of the world” (Yve Lomax’s Sounding the Event), a space of murmuring agitation, full of becomings and unbecomings.

The installation will be open to the public from the 4th-12th January and will include drawings produced in response to the Slipping Space Spheres installation (see above).
Follow my day by day photo update of the build on twitter: @chloeleaper2


INTERPLAY: Cambridge School of Art MA & MFA students

10 Green Street, December 18th – 29th

PROJECT SPACE: PAINTING – 9 Norfolk Street, 1st – 24th November

This is the first of several investigations of various approaches to painting initiated by Anji Main, an alumna of Cambridge School of Art.  This first exhibition organized with David Ryan, Reader in Fine Art at Anglia Ruskin University, looks at strategies for forming works out of a concern with the medium itself.  This is not to be confused with the specific traditions of formalist modernism: although bound up with self-reflexivity these works nonetheless escape the frayed and strained binary of abstract/figurative as restrictive categories.  These painters explore, through various constructive or improvisational methods, a direct dialogue between paint and its manipulation, and have been chosen for the interior conversation between the individual works on display.

1st November – 24th November 2013

Open Tuesday – Sunday, 12 – 5pm

Private View – 31st October, 6 – 9pm

22nd March – 14th April,  6 – 16 King Street

ISSAM KOURBAJ – Excavating the Present

(NB: Click on image, then click again to view attachment at full size)

Pictures from the opening, 21st March 2013

5th – 17th February, Six-One-Six King Street

No Furniture

Anji Main, Ben John, Channy, Kip Gresham, Loukas Morley

Group shows can often be an eclectic mix of pieces striving to gain a coherent narrative.  Notably, these artists are united in their deliberate and passionate celebration of traditional media painting and printmaking to create intelligent contemporary artwork.

This show promises to captivate with its shameless exuberance for the painterly abstract genre.


6-16 King Street, 16th – 27th January 2013

Students and Friends of Cambridge School of Art

Private View Thursday 24th January 5pm-8pm

Claire Spark and Suzie Earl, 5 – 7 Sussex Street

Emma Copley, 38 Regent Street, 13th – 27th December

Emma Copley was born in Ireland in 1979 and currently lives and works in Cambridge, England. Emma has been developing a practice, which celebrates and deconstructs autobiographical narrative and the processes of painting since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, in 2001.  Emma’s work depicts places she has lived in and people who are close to her. Used only as a starting point, her paintings transcend their subject matter and become studies of light and colour, manipulating surface, tone and temperature to convey a different mood and memory in each piece.

Emma’s paintings have been exhibited widely across the US and Europe and are in many private collections. Emma has taught painting and drawing to adults and teens for the last 5 years in New York and currently is an Adult Education Tutor at Hills Road Sixth Form College and offers her workshops through Access Art Cambridge.

Phillip Toesev, 38 Regent Street, 27th November – 13th December

The work on display is a retrospective of mixed media artwork produced over a period of 5 years. Featured are pieces from: “As the World Turns”, “Industria Series 1 and 2”, “Endangered Species Exhibit”, “The 6th Exotic”, “CUBA”, “Weathered” and “SAND.”

Specific lighting technologies such as incandescent light bulbs are being fazed out, in effect becoming extinct. The Endangered Species collection showcases the often overlooked beauty of the incandescent light bulb through a series of sculptural pieces. Form, structure, and light weave together into rare exotic creatures. Each piece is introduced to the viewer as one of the few remaining inhabitants of a distant and exotic places. Information about their origins, geographical location, and scientific names are all presented alongside the pieces.

Simon Halliday, 38 Regent Street

“As one of the most photographed cities in the World Cambridge challenges a photographer to avoid visual clichés. I aim to take the photo that no-one else would. My photography is about celebrating beautiful moments that might otherwise go un-noticed.”

Brian Hollett, 30th October – 13th November, 38 Regent Street

5 – 7 Sussex Street, till 31st October

5 – 7 Sussex Street, October 2012, John Routledge

October 16th – 30th

Janet Gammans, Something in Mind, 38 Regent Street

Janet worked in Advertising and Design in London W1 after leaving college, where she worked as a freelance graphic designer supplying finished artwork and new design concepts for packaging to international companies.

She now works from her studio in South Cambridgeshire, as a freelance artist, supplying abstract and fine art to publishing companies worldwide. Her paintings are sold from galleries throughout the South of England and internationally via the web. She is fast becoming a much sought after artist being recognized for her subject matter and her unique creative style of work.


October 10 – 17   2012

Transitions, + Affordable Art Sale, POP-UP GALLERY, Grafton Centre (next to Claire’s Accessories and Orange)

Coming soon…


POP-UP GALLERY, Grafton Centre

September 2012

POP-UP GALLERY | 100 Regent St


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